Section 7 - Rules Relating to Parents / Guardians
Section 1 - Mission Statement
Section 2 - Rules of Operation
Section 3 - Club Organization and Structure
Section 4 - Club Finances
Section 5 - Teams
Section 6 - Team Finances
Section 7 - Rules Relating to Parents/Guardians
Section 8 - Rules Relating to Players
Section 9 - Dispute Resolution

7.01 Notices, Approvals and Authorizations

Any notice given to or approval or authorization granted by a parent/guardian of a player shall be deemed for all purposes to have been given to or granted by all of the parents and/or guardians of such player.

7.02 Payment of Fees

The parents/guardians responsible for each player shall make all payments required of such player on a timely basis in accordance with the rules prescribed by the Club and/or the Team. Failure to make such payments at the time or times prescribed may result in the suspension of the player until payment is received by the Club and/or Team, as applicable.

7.03 Standard of Conduct

Parents/guardians are expected to conduct themselves generally in a manner which best exemplifies the standards and values of the Club. This means that parents/guardians must demonstrate respect, courtesy and civility in all dealings relating to their child’s involvement in the Club’s hockey program, including dealings with:
i. the Club and any of its Teams
ii. other parents/guardians of players
iii. opposing teams
iv. game officials, and
v. fans and spectators
Provocative and inflammatory types of behaviour, including the use of profanity, threats and verbal or physical confrontations shall not be tolerated.

7.04 Sanctions for Misconduct

The Club reserves the right to discipline any parent/guardian who violates this standard of behaviour or whose actions, in the opinion of the Club, denigrate, damage or bring to disrepute the image and reputation of the Club or its Club and Team Officials. Such discipline may consist of prohibiting such parent/guardian from attending team functions, practices or games for such period as the Club, in its discretion deems appropriate. Failure to abide by such sanctions may result in the suspension or release of the player for whom such parent/guardian is responsible.

7.05 Additional Standards and Sanctions Imposed by the GTHL

Parent/guardians should be aware of the standards of behaviour and possible sanctions for their breach mandated by the GTHL and contained in the GTHL Rulebook.

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