Section 3 - Club Organization & Structure
Section 1 - Mission Statement
Section 2 - Rules of Operation
Section 3 - Club Organization and Structure
Section 4 - Club Finances
Section 5 - Teams
Section 6 - Team Finances
Section 7 - Rules Relating to Parents/Guardians
Section 8 - Rules Relating to Players
Section 9 - Dispute Resolution

3.01 Club’s Legal Status
The Vaughan Panthers Minor Hockey Association (the ‘Club’) was incorporated as a non-share capital corporation by Letters Patent issued by the Province of Ontario on August 24, 1995 and operates under these Rules of Operation and the Rules of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (“GTHL”).

3.02 Club Directors and Officials
The Club is governed by a Board of Directors, some of whom also act as Club Officials. The name and position of these individuals are listed in Appendix A.
Club Directors are primarily responsible for reviewing the general performance of the Club and its Teams. This includes reviewing and approving:
i. the Club’s budget
ii. significant Club operating policies
iii. the Club Officials’ performance of their duties and responsibilities
Club Directors have no direct responsibility for liaising or interacting with Team Officials and parents/guardians and do not deal directly with Team affairs unless they are a member of a committee appointed by the Board of Directors to hear and/or review matters pertaining to a Team.
Club Officials are responsible for administering the day-to-day operations of the Club and its Teams and all other matters in any way relating to the GTHL, its members, other hockey organizations and governing bodies.

3.03 Binding Decisions
Unless specifically set out in these rules no decision, authorization or approval granted by a Club Official will be binding on the Club unless it is in writing and signed by two Club Officials. A list of Club Officials is provided in Appendix A.
For greater certainty, no decision or approval granted by the President or the General Manager alone will be binding on the Club except as expressly set out in these rules or listed as follows:
i. Tournament attendance
ii. Practice ice
iii. Sponsorship cresting
Any decision or approval sent by email must be originated by each of the co-signers to be binding on the Club.

3.04 Club’s Teams
Unless otherwise determined by the Club or the GTHL, the Club will register and operate 16 teams in the A and AA division of the GTHL, comprising of Minor Atom, Atom, Minor Peewee, Peewee, Minor Bantam, Bantam, Minor Midget, Midget and in the AAA division of Juvenile (each referred to in these Rules as the “Team”). The Club may also, at its sole discretion and with the approval of the GTHL, register Additional Entry (AE) teams.
Under no circumstances will the Club be responsible for any obligations, financial or otherwise, incurred by a Team, unless such obligation is approved and contained in a document signed by two Club Officials. A list of Club Officials is provided in Appendix A.

3.05 Club’s Responsibility
Subject to the overriding authority of the GTHL, the Club has exclusive control over its Teams, Team Officials and the players registered with the organization for all periods sanctioned or mandated by the GTHL. In addition to the foregoing and to the other rights reserved below, the Club shall have primary responsibility for the following:

(a) Team Officials
The Club appoints, and if necessary, replaces the Head Coach of each Team and approves the selection of the other Team Officials. The Club monitors and evaluates the performance of all Team Officials.
(b) GTHL Registration
The Club registers its players and Team Officials with the GTHL.
(c) Team Programs
The Club develops programs of general application for its Teams.
(d) Tournaments
The Club approves and processes tournament applications. If a conflict between Teams arises, the final determination as to the application to be processed will be made by the Club in its absolute discretion.
(e) Practice Ice
The Club schedules practice ice for each team on a weekly basis during the regular season based on availability. If the practice time coincides with a scheduled game, the Club shall endeavour to resolve this conflict if possible. If the practice time coincides with a tournament, the Club may reschedule the practice if it does not interfere with other teams’ schedules.
Any additional ice required is to be arranged by the Team at its own cost. Any conflict with this additional ice resulting from the rescheduling of practice ice shall be the responsibility of the Team.
(f) Equipment and Clothing
The Club provides each Team with game sweaters and socks. At the end of the season, game sweaters shall be returned to the Club cleaned and in good repair unless otherwise indicated by the Club.
The Club mandates the equipment and clothing for use by each Team and designates the approved suppliers. Any equipment or clothing in addition to those mandated by the Club must receive written approval signed by the President and one other signing officer of the Club. The Club must approve all sponsorship cresting prior to placement.
(g) Disciplinary Hearings
A Club Official must accompany the Team Official(s) and/or player to any disciplinary hearing mandated by the GTHL or any other minor hockey organization. The Club reserves the right to exclude any person(s) from a disciplinary hearing as it considers appropriate in its absolute discretion.
(h) Club Logo and Name
The Club approves all uses of its name and its logo on materials, equipment and clothing.

3.06 Fund Raising
The Club shall review a Team’s fund raising plan(s) before it is implemented, and if approved, shall provide such approval in writing signed by two Club Officials. A list of Club Officials is provided in Appendix A.
The Team is solely responsible for the consequences of any such activities including the content of any written material used to further those activities. All fund raising efforts shall be conducted in compliance with all provincial and municipal laws, by-laws and regulations.

3.07 Communication with Club Officials
(a) General
All issues and communications relating to the ordinary course of Club management should be directed to the General Manager, unless urgency or circumstances require that another Club Official be contacted.
(b) Communication between the Club and Team Officials
Unless otherwise dictated by urgency or circumstances, all requests, notices or other matters requiring interaction between the Club and a Team shall be communicated to or by the Team’s Head Coach or Team Manager.
(c) Communication between the Club and Parents/Guardians
The Club shall schedule at least 2 separate meetings with team parents/guardians each year for the purpose of reviewing matters or issues relating to the Team. Notice of the location and time of each meeting will be given by the Club at least 7 days prior to the date fixed for such meeting. Any parent/guardian who wishes to place a matter on the agenda for discussion at a meeting must give notice to the Club through the Team Manager or the Head Coach at least 4 days prior to the date fixed for such meeting.
Unless the parent/guardian is invoking the dispute resolution procedure set out in Section 9 of these Rules, parents/guardians should not communicate directly with the Club or its Officials outside of these regularly scheduled Club meetings.

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