Section 5 - Teams
Section 1 - Mission Statement
Section 2 - Rules of Operation
Section 3 - Club Organization and Structure
Section 4 - Club Finances
Section 5 - Teams
Section 6 - Team Finances
Section 7 - Rules Relating to Parents/Guardians
Section 8 - Rules Relating to Players
Section 9 - Dispute Resolution

5.01 Team Officials

(a) Positions
Each team will have the following officials (“Team Officials”):
i. a Head Coach appointed by the Club.
ii. up to two (2) Assistant Coaches appointed by the Head Coach and subject to
approval by the Club.
iii. a Trainer appointed by the Head Coach and subject to approval by the Club.
iv. a Team Manager appointed by the Head Coach and subject to approval by the Club.
Each request for appointment as a Team Official shall be accompanied by a resume setting out in detail the qualifications and experience of the applicant, along with references.
(b) Criteria for Appointment
Each Team Official must be a person of good character and reputation and possess such credentials and qualifications as mandated by the GTHL and the Club, in its discretion, believes necessary to reflect the image and values of the Club within the GTHL and the hockey community at large.
(c) Head Coach Responsibilities
Subject to the limitations of the team budget and compliance with all applicable rules, regulations and policies, including those stipulated herein or otherwise adopted by the Club from time to time, the head Coach of each team will be responsible for the content, scope and implementation of any programs established for the Team as well as the conduct of the players and Team Officials.
Where a Team is called upon to perform an action under the rules and policies set out in these Rules, such action shall be performed by the Head Coach or such other Team Official as he or she may designate with the approval of the Club.
(d) Payments to Team Officials
Any person acting in his or her capacity as a Team Official may receive payment for his or her services and, in addition, may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in connection with the performance of such services.
Unless otherwise agreed to by parents/guardians representing at least 75% of the players on the Team, the Team may not make any payments in respect of fees or reimbursements in excess of the amounts allowed for in the Preliminary Team Budget for such year.
(e) GTHL Passes
The Club will provide a maximum of 5 arena passes to each Team for their Team Officials at no additional charge. Subject to the GTHL Rules, each Team may purchase one additional pass at the prevailing rate charged by the GTHL.
(f) Team Officials are Not Employees or Agents of the Club
Although appointed and/or approved by the Club, neither the Head Coach nor any other Team Official is or should be construed to be an employee of the Club. The Club is not responsible for acts of theft or embezzlement by any Team Official, nor is it responsible for any other of a Team Official’s actions or omissions of any nature or kind, whatsoever and howsoever caused.
Team Officials are not agents of the Club and therefore have no authority to speak for, incur obligations, financial or otherwise, grant any approvals or accede to any requests on behalf of the Club.
(g) Treatment of a Player when Parent/Guardian acts as a Team Official
If a child of a Team Official is a player on the team, the Head Coach shall cause such player to be treated in a manner consistent with the treatment accorded to other players of similar ability.
Any dispute regarding the treatment of such player shall be referred to by the parent/guardian of such player to the Club’s General Manager in accordance with Section 9 of these Rules. If the Club determines in its discretion that the treatment of such player is not in the best interest of the Team, a warning shall be issued to the Head Coach and other Team Officials involved. If such treatment continues, notwithstanding such warning, the Head Coach or other Team Official involved may be suspended or replaced.

5.02 Team Meetings

The Head Coach will meet with the parents/guardians at least three (3) times each season. The first meeting should be held prior to the commencement of the season and the other meetings should be arranged whenever practicable to coincide with the delivery of the Team’s budget and/or financial summaries referred to in Section 6. The purpose of the meetings will be to review the matters of interest relating to the Team, including its financial affairs.
Additional meetings may be held if requested by the Club, the Head Coach or parents/guardians representing at least 30% of the players.
Notice of matters to be discussed at each meeting shall be given to one parent/guardian of each player at least 4 days prior to the date of the meeting. Meetings will be held at a location convenient to the majority of the attendees and will be chaired by the Head Coach.

5.03 Sponsorship

Teams are encouraged to solicit support from corporate sponsors in order to reduce the financial burden on the parents/guardians. As consideration, the Team, at its sole cost, may grant sponsors the right to place their names and/or logo on equipment, gear and clothing used by the Team. To ensure consistency and quality, the General Manager must approve all sponsorship cresting. With respect to team jerseys, only one (1) sponsorship patch shall be allowed, the location and size of which must be approved by the General Manager.

5.04 Supplementary Team Rules

The team may adopt policies and rules in addition to those contained herein. No such policies or rules shall be effective unless approved by the Club and a copy provided to each of the Team players and one of their respective parent/guardian. Once effective, any such policies and rules shall have the same effect as if embodied in these Rules of Operation.
The parent/guardian must acknowledge in writing that he or she has received a copy of the Supplementary Team Rules by submitting a signed Acknowledgment of Receipt to the Club concurrently with the delivery of the registration card for such player. The prescribed form of the Acknowledgement is set out in Appendix C.

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