2023 GTHL Tryouts (Vaughan Panthers Minor Hockey Association)

Print2023 GTHL Tryouts

All tryouts will take place at The Sports Village (2600 Rutherford Road, Vaughan ON, L4K 5R1):

For more information, please contact: 

General Manager: Anthony Minicucci 
[email protected]

Administrator: Olympia Brunato 
[email protected]


U11 AA (Born in 2013) 

Mon May 1st 6:15pm (Rink D)

Tues May 2nd 6:15pm (Rink D)

Wed May 3rd 6:15pm (Rink D)

Coach Gino Piccone 647-284-0930 
[email protected]

U13 AA (Born in 2011) 

Mon May 1st 7:15pm (Rink D)

Tues May 2nd 7:15pm (Rink D)

Wed May 3rd 7:15pm (Rink D)

Coach Giorgio Scocco 416-807-9453 
[email protected]

U14 AA (Born in 2010) 

Mon May 1st 8:00pm (Rink C)

Tues May 2nd 8:00pm (Rink C)

Wed May 3rd 8:00pm (Rink C)

Coach Dave Hudson 416-688-6094 
[email protected]

U15 AA (Born in 2009) 

Coach Mike Sardella 647-274-0525 
[email protected]

U16 AA (Born in 2008) 

Mon May 1st 8:15pm (Rink D)

Tues May 2nd 8:15pm (Rink D)

Coach Mike Ivan 416-875-4108 
[email protected]



U10 A (Born in 2014) 

Mon May 8th  6:00pm (Rink C)
Tues May 9th 6:00pm (Rink C)
Wed May 10th 6:00pm (Rink C)

Coach Sean Irvine 647-515-5506 
[email protected]

Coach Jonathan Allen 416-725-7089 
[email protected]

U12 A (Born in 2012)

Thurs May 11th 6:15pm (Rink D)
Coach Al Derenzo 416-317-4875

U13 A (Born in 2011) 

Mon May 8th 6:15pm (Rink D)
Tues May 9th 6:15pm (Rink D)
Wed May 10th 6:15pm (Rink D)

Coach Mitchell De Sousa 416-509-5349 
[email protected]

U14 A (Born in 2010)  

Mon May 8th  7:00pm (Rink C)
Tues May 9th 7:00pm (Rink C)

Coach Jordan Katz 647-668-0329 
[email protected]

U15 A (Born in 2009) 

Mon May 8th  7:15pm (Rink D)
Tues May 9th  7:15pm (Rink D)
Wed May 10th 7:15pm (Rink D)

Coach Christian Puntillo 647-864-6441 
[email protected]

U16 A (Born in 2008) 

Mon May 8th  8:00pm (Rink C)
Tues May 9th  8:00pm (Rink C)

Coach Louie Fioccola 416-617-0582 
[email protected]

U17 A (Born in 2007) 

Mon May 8th  8:15pm (Rink D)

Coach Greg Falbo 416-697-1222 
[email protected]

U21 A (Born from 2003 to 2005) 

Mon May 8th  9:00pm (Rink C)
Tues May 9th 8:15pm (Rink D)

Coach Domenic D'Agostino 416-996-1709 
[email protected]